Hey there!!

Well this is my first post and you know what I am starting it from “ROCK BOTTOM”

If you can relate to a feeling where you feel that your life has been damaged beyond repair there is nothing good left to salvage then I would like to take the privilege in welcoming you to our group it’s called EVERYBODY (trust me).

Rock bottom is a place I think everyone must have visited more than once in the span of their life time. As far as I am concerned, I dwindle to bottom on a yearly basis (So here’s some personal information: I am a pro at messing up).

It feels like a small dark pit so deep that no ray of hope seems touching it on the contrary its not a black hole either.

You feel insecure, scared, helpless, angry, lost, apocalyptical. You feel that nothing worst can happen.

As you bite dust your life feels necrotizing and your mere existence comes unstuck you crumble and your hope for wellbeing is flatlining.

Losing any hope for a future are one of the darkest feelings that wraps your mind like a metal chain the weight of which seems unbearable

Situations like these robs you of kindness empathy goodness don’t lose it though don’t let it change the good in you. Let it just make you tougher and kinder

Here are 5 things to help you cope through the phase which feels like the end of your world:


Though blaming and crying might seem the only way but try getting past that ASAP.

Accept that such a thing has happened but you don’t have to lose yourself for it nor the precious life you are left with. Recognize your need for surviving it and make a strategy.


REMEMBER Tough times like these build warriors so stop pitying yourself and thank god that you are alive and still have chance to get up, dust yourself, embrace yourself and prepare for a fight.


Take my word everything good happens when you start trusting yourself and your abilities. Everyone is meant for greatness in some or the other way and so are you.

Don’t be afraid of failure because they are inevitable and so is success if you just keep on trying and having faith in yourself.


Give yourself the importance you deserve because you are the only one who has to.

Work on your skills, set small personal goals which can be anything from following a routine to learning a song to just finishing a book that you always wanted (get a haircut it really works).


Some times all this might seem too overwhelming don’t stress yourself for it and don’t overkill yourself in pride ask for help from anyone you can trust this will make you feel that you are not alone in it.

Lastly, keep on trying don’t give up, there are chance that while climbing your way back you might fall and then fall again but don’t lose hope put a fight for yourself who knows you find a secret passage to a Wonderland. Keep looking.

Take care!!