The Toxic You!!

Toxic means something that is damaging and harmful and we all have some levels of toxic traits or habits that have sometime or the other damaged our sense of well-being.

These habits not only decentre you from peace but these are demons within you that stop you from being the best version of you. Its not fate or destiny that denies you of something you wish, mark my words, life is just about choices not some predetermined script that is keeping you away from your accomplishments. (pssstt…GOD has better work to do than plan a trap for you to fail)

So, here are 5 toxic habits that you need to identify honestly within yourself before next time you blame on destiny:

PROCRASTINATION: For some people it might be a road block to achieve their aspirations, well in my case it’s a whole mountain range, probably the Himalayas. For those of you who are wondering what this is, it’s a habit where you avoid executing a task even though you know that you can easily complete it in the given time frame.

What happens when you procrastinate?? You actually let the valuable time pass where you could have completed the task and either you are left no time at all or with very little time where in you can just put up average effort. This habit leads to a series of mediocre performance and hence you convince yourself that you’re worth of an average life and end up living one (which is so not true… everyone is capable of greatness)

SELF CRITICISM: Everyone is guilty of this habit unless you are a NARCISSIST!!

Some people do it in moderation just to keep a reality check but some people (count me in) are full time critics. This habit alone has the capacity to bring your morale down to the core of earth and then you end up giving up before even trying. Being aware of one’s abilities is one thing and belittling oneself before attempting anything is just bullying.

Believe in yourself because this is the first step of getting anywhere.

LACK OF DISCIPLINE: Discipline is training yourself to attend to something that is a priority rather than floating your way in life. It helps you keep motivated to your goals even if you don’t see any results right now. Sometimes not having a talent but a streak of discipline can take you to places but the vice versa is just going to be a road to ORDINARY-LAND.

EGO AND TEMPER: Ego and temper are sisters together these two are capable for death of a beautiful healthy and thriving relationship. Temper is just unreasonable anger and ego is your sense of self and these two in conjunction build a wall putting you beyond the reach of people who love you.

LACK OF EMPATHY: Empathy is very important… especially in this era where everyone is just occupied with themselves and their SELFIES

Empathy helps you connect with people make real meaningful connections. It helps you to develop healthier relationships and at same time back you in dealing with your emotional baggage. In this complex conflict-ridden world empathy is an important tool for conflict resolution and community building.It is crucial and should be taught in school like physical education (or something like a subject) so that we can build a world that less hateful and more sensitive, inclusive and tolerant.